Use the link below to contact me, if there is a problem.
Please include your name in the email.
Problems--Email Me John Winkopp (321) 345-3855 in Florida

Warning, the business deduction is no longer accepted by the IRS for 2018. You might still be able to use this report for your state tax return.

IPad/IPhone users can upload using ICloud. example HINT: Type "CSV" in search window.
Login to iCrew.
Choose the "SCHEDULES" menu: Select "F/A PREFERENCE".
In window that appears, select "SCHEDULE LEG DATA EXTRACT".
In new window make sure that:.
Drop down menu "Send leg data to vendor" = NO.
Drop down menu "email to company account" = YES.
Click Button "OK".

Go to company email account and find new email labeled "IFS Scheduling Leg Data".
Save to your computer, and remember where you saved the file.
Windows: Find attachment at top of email and "Right Click" on link labeled "2022_SCHEDULE_DATA.csv" and use the SaveAs option.
MAC: Click on Link, after it appears in "preview" window, click downward-pointing arrow above window to save file on your computer. DO NOT OPEN THE FILE: if you open the file it can change the format of the file.

Instructions for the input form below:

Go to Online Per Diem Input Form

Enter your email address:
Upload The File
Use the "Choose File" or "BROWSE" button,
on this page- below - and select the saved "CSV" file. The file is probably located in "Downloads" on your computer.
Enter your training days

Hit "Send".
A PDF report with your data will be emailed to you nearly instantly.

The entire process should take no more than 5 minutes.
If you do not get an email with your report almost immediately, something is wrong, try again or contact me.
A $5 donation via Paypal ( is expected if use of the report saves you time and money.
Recently Furloughed Pilots/Flight Attendants and New Hires, do not even consider sending any money!

If you are having trouble saving the file in the email from Delta, you can just "forward" the email to me and I will complete the report for you as soon as I can. Please include any overnight training dates in the email.